Friday, May 31, 2013

Georgian Liberal Visa Regime to be Reviewed

From InterpressNews

Georgian liberal visa regime will be reviewed, Minister of Justice Tea Tsulukiani told journalists after the governmental commission session. The minister of Justice informs that 12 Ministries have been working on a package of bills regarding foreigners’ legal situation in Georgia.

The state departments discussed the regulations that will be imposed on citizens of foreign countries by the new version of law.

“We’ll have a distinct approach to foreigners and to their legal situation, when they enter and stay in Georgia for different reasons. Visa categories will be reviewed, renewed, changed in content. Liberal visa regime that Georgia had before will also be reviewed”, Tea Tsulukiani said.

The Minister of Justice informs that different approaches to different countries may be selected.

As Tsulukiani said, if before the law regulated the list of the countries, the citizens of which could enter Georgia visa-free, now the government of Georgia will determine the list of countries.

“Legislative frameworks will fit the national and state interests. It will protect the labour market and the entrepreneurial activity of the foreigners and Georgians in Georgia”, Tea Tsulukiani said.

The Minister informs that the package of bills will be presented to the government of Georgia in about two weeks. Representatives of Ministry of Justice, Ministry on Diaspora issues, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the occupied territories, accommodation and Refugees of Georgia, Ministry of Economics and Sustainable Development, Healthcare and Finance enter the governmental commission of migration.

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