Thursday, November 8, 2012

Iran-Georgia cooperation in agricultural field reviewed

Source: Trend.Az

IRI Ambassador to Tbilisi Majid Saber in a meeting with Georgia Republic Agriculture Minister David Kirvalidze here Wednesday surveyed ways for expansion of bilateral cooperation in agricultural and animal husbandry fields, IRNA reported.

According to IRNA, the Iranian ambassador in the meeting while presenting a brief report on the Islamic Republic’s capabilities in manufacturing agricultural machines and products, including granary, vaccines, and chemical fertilizers, announced Iran’s readiness for exporting these products to Georgia upon request.

The Georgian agriculture minister, too, welcoming the Iranian envoy’s proposal promised to discuss the proposal at his affiliated ministry and to inform him of the result.

In a separate meeting with the Georgian Regional Development and Infrastructures Minister David Narmania, Ambassador Saber surveyed ways for expansion of cooperation with Georgia in road construction field. The Iranian envoy dully elaborated on Iran’s noteworthy capabilities in the field in this meeting.

Saber meanwhile spoke about the privileges of increased commercial ties between the two countries’ citizens during the recent years, reiterating, “Keeping in mind the Iranian investors’ enthusiasm in making business investments in Georgia Republic, and increased bilateral commercial interactions I can predict that Tehran-Tbilisi relations would be strengthened more than ever before.”

The Georgian regional development and infrastructures minister, too, reiterated in the meeting, “The Georgian Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructures puts to public tender some 250 infrastructure projects, and the Iranian construction companies can have active presence at these tenders.”

Iran and Georgia have had relations for centuries, although official diplomatic relations between the two nations in the 20th century was established on May 15th, 1992.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Parliamentary elections: Call for volunteers

The British Embassy are organising a UK monitoring mission for the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

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Need a job? Learn to impress the robots

A BBC article today describes the advances made in saving money by avoiding the need for costly interviews.

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Job alert: Procurement Coordinator, Kazakhstan

Procurement Coordinator, Atyrau, Kazakhstan

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

How to Properly Research on the Internet

Paul Gil has just posted a great article at bemoaning the fact that most people seem to think that online research involves nothing more than 10 seconds with Google and copy-pasting the Wikipedia links.

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